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DJ Maxheat Mosley with Busta Brown from Florida
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Miami, FL with two brothers, three sisters and one mother.[HE] Started performing at the age (8) eight with a church group in liberty city called "youth in action", Later he started rapping...by  the age (12) twelve.Jermaine was always involved in sports such as football and track
& field and was awarded a Scholarship to play college football his senior year of high school.

Busta later moved Back home in November 2002 after an upsetting football dream disaster.  In early 2003, [he] received his G.E.D. at Lindsay Hopkins Tech.

Pursuing with life 2004 Busta began to move back to the entertainment world and created Fly Boy Music Group. 

Currently, he is attending Full Sail University as a Producer, managing his own Music Videos and taking his position as a Recording Artist.

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Who the heck is Maxheat??